Welcome to Preez Distillery, the premier vodka distillery in Largo, Florida. Founded in 2019, our goal is to provide each customer with a unique experience when tasting our craft vodka.

We are honored to make over 400 bottles of distilled vodka every month. We have also won numerous awards and were featured in the popular publication Voyage Tampa. Come sample our products and taste the Preez Distillery difference for yourself!

  • Filtered Vodka
    Filtered Vodka
    Purified to fulfill your tastebuds, filtered vodka goes through a process that removes harsh and bitter properties.
  • Unfiltered Vodka
    Unfiltered Vodka
    Rather than remove the hard and bitter properties unfiltered vodka preserves the texture and pure qualities of the ingredients.
  • Blueberry Vodka
    Blueberry Vodka
    Our blueberry vodka is the result of flavors with high-quality ingredients extracted from delicious blueberries designed only for brewers.
  • Vanilla Vodka
    Vanilla Vodka
    Vanilla Vodka is flavored with brewers vanilla extract and a hint of sweetness to delight the palate.
  • Preez Liqueur
    Preez Liqueur
    Preez offers three seasonal liqueurs - Apricot, Strawberry, and Pumpkin Pie - with more flavors to come! All liqueurs are aged with real, locally-sourced fruit and our vodka distilled in house.
  • Tastings & Walk-Throughs
    Tastings & Walk-Throughs
    Want to see where all the magic happens? Stop by for a tour or call to schedule a premium tour!

About Our Distillery

« At our Distillery, we’re proud to use local produce to develop our craft vodkas and liqueurs »

Our production began in 2020 with one main goal in mind – to provide the highest quality small-batch, handcrafted vodka in Florida. Each recipe is meticulously developed through extensive research, trial and error, and the enjoyment of sampling the best vodkas available. Recipes were developed through extensive research, distillery visits, tastings, trial and error, and of course lots of fun drinking.

We are proud to provide a wide variety of liqueurs and vodkas, which include filtered, unfiltered, and flavored vodkas. Our liqueur portfolio began with apricot dessert liqueur, and has since expanded to include strawberry and pumpkin pie. The selection is ever-evolving with even more varieties in the works.

Preez Distillery is home to four small batch highly efficient stills. These stills allow us to process four different recipes per day and fill around 400 bottles of vodka per month. The distilling process requires a total of seven days to complete which means our vodka is always fresh and ready to enjoy.

Preez Liqueur

Preez Liqueur

Along with our range of vodkas, Preez also offers various liqueurs. We have apricot, strawberry, and pumpkin pie, with more in the works! Each liqueur is aged with real, locally-sourced fruit, which provides an authentic tasting experience in each bottle. The entire aging process varies between 6 to 12 weeks depending on the fruit. We guarantee our liqueur will be worth the wait to add to your cabinet!


« Our vodka stands out state-wide! Each vodka we distill is a surprisingly complex sip of premium ingredients, distilled to bring you a truly unique blend of taste and tradition. »

Preez is dedicated to the development of the community here in Largo, Florida. That is why we only utilize local fruit and crop, thus preserving the American tradition. Preez is proud to offer:

400 bottles/month

  • HANDMADE PRODUCTS: All of our products are made by hand, from beginning to end, by retired military service members. Preez takes pride in not only providing the best vodka and liqueur in Florida but also in crafting all products in house.
  • DISTILLERY TOURS: Take a tour of our distillery and see how the process works for yourself! Stop by for a tour or schedule a premium tour where you can complete the vodka process yourself!
  • EASY TO ORDER: After sampling our vodka, YOU are able to purchase a bottle of your choosing! All products are ready for pick up within two to three weeks after your order has been placed. If you have any questions, please contact us!

What's New!

A very small batch of strawberry liqueur made with 100% Florida-grown strawberries. Sanguine obtained its name from its rich, deep red color – just like blood! This delicious liqueur is strictly seasonal and will only be available during strawberry seasons in Florida.

No vampires were harmed in the creation of this liqueur