Teresa Logan

Communications & Marketing Events Coordinator

«Once You Enter Preez Distillery»

You will encounter our Service Member Wall, which is dedicated to all the services members in the Armed Forces. These men and women place their lives in danger for the well-being of those we love, which is why the wall is very important to Preez. Each piece of the wall, from the boards to the structure itself has a meaning. Every aspect, every detail, and every angle have a reason to exist.

The structure itself came from an old used pallet. No two boards are exactly the same length. The length represents how we all fit in our communities, our families, and throughout our careers. This raw material was awaiting to be exploited for a higher purpose.  Just like young service members, we begin our careers raw, without knowledge, and quite frankly, lost.

Then one day we were found and developed into something exceptional, someone others will follow, a leader anyone can look up to, just the same way you are looking at this wall. The colorful design gives this wall a random personality or perhaps one of its own.

The colors of the wall represent each and every one of those who have willingly taken the oath to serve our country and those who we call brothers and sisters fighting by our side to keep each other alive and well. However, behind the colorful structure prevails diversity. Along with the color multiplicity, the gaps between the boards prevail to us as a sign that no one is perfect, and everyone has imperfections. Even though these imperfections, we can work together and unify ourselves as one.


Ramon Perez

Distillery Manager/Owner

Although the wall looks unfinished, it will never fully be ‘complete’. The space above the wall represents the unfinished journey called life. At one point in our lives, we filled someone else empty space and brought them joy or perhaps a helping hand when they needed it the most just the same way someone did it with us. Now we want to keep this open space for you, our family, friends, and everyone else who wants to become a part of our family and take part in our journey, the Preez Distillery journey!