What is Our Goal?

Our goal is to provide the highest quality vodka and liqueur to every customer in the entire state of Florida. Only taking approximately seven days to complete, our vodka begins with ingredients and ends with bottling. Our distillery houses five main stills, which allows our team to produce 400 bottles per month. Currently having two main vodka flavors and more coming soon, we are always proud to provide you with high-class handcrafted vodka varieties.


Schedule a walkthrough of our distillery and see how we distill and provide the best vodka and liqueur in Florida! For the main tour we take walk-ins; and to schedule a premium tour, please call.

The Preez Advantage

  • Unique products, no blending: Preez distils all vodkas and ages all liqueurs individually. Adding each product to their designated bottle, you can purchase and enjoy the unique hand-crafted taste.
  • Hand Crafted:  Preez handcrafts all vodkas and liqueurs to satisfy the unique taste of the various flavors offered. This means that some products may not be available at all times. Please contact us on for information on current selections available

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Filtered or Unfiltered?


When this selection is complete, the vodka is filtered with carbon to remove impurities before bottling. Which gives the alcohol a smooth, enjoyable tasting experience.


After distillation, vodka contains impurities which gives it a bold taste. Instead, the product is allowed to rest for a while before bottling to preserve the pure and showy character.

Which Flavor?


To capture the blueberry taste, we combine our filtered vodka with a premium blueberry flavor. To further enhance the experience, we add a hint of sweetness to provide the best blueberry vodka.


Vanilla adds flavor and palate appeal by incorporating the premium vanilla flavor with filtered vodka. By only adding a minute amount of sweetness, we preserve the original vanilla flavor.

Preez Liqueurs

Preez Distillery uses local produce to create extraordinary seasonal flavors. We offer Apricot, Strawberry (Sanguine), and Pumpkin Pie (Ichabod). By aging our liqueur with real fruit, we provide an authentic tasting experience with each bottle. The entire aging process varies between 6 to 12 weeks depending on the fruit.

What our clients say

Great place to kick back and enjoy some beverages! Extremely knowledgeable staff!

Allen Thomas

Was watching a powerlifting competition Down the street from there. The 2 owners Teresa and Ramon were very nice. I always support vets. Set up a tasting for me and I loved it. Bought their 1st bottle of apricot liquor. Looking for to doing more business in the future

Charles Goldmacher

Great distillery! Local vodka flavor that was perfected in Alaska. The owners are super knowledgeable and this place is really cute. They have all sorts of flavors and liquors too. Definitely check this place out!

Deb Sutton

Had a great tour given by the owners Ramon and Teresa. Thoroughly enjoyed the different Vodkas and the Liqueur! Left happy with a bottle of Blueberry Vodka that I look forward to trying with some different mixers!! Thanks for welcoming us!

Fiona Ross

Great private tour given by Teresa, with tastings of four different vodkas and their new Apricot liqueur. Beautiful facilities, looking forward to seeing this business grow.

Jane Peterson